About Us


CustomerX Consulting is a private Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Customer Service Improvement (CSI) consultancy firm that provides organizations with an array of strategies and solutions to help them improve business results and achieve sustainable competitive advantage through customer service excellence.

With experience in both private and public sectors, CustomerX has developed specific solutions that can be customized to the needs of the different clients. Clients are provided with actionable and tactical improvements that can be clearly executed and measured. We are also big proponents of continuous improvement and our solutions ensure that clients continue to reap the benefits of customer service excellence.

We currently operate out of Washington, D.C., however, we work with clients worldwide. We have extensive global experience and can tailor our services to our clients’ regional needs.

About Our Name

The ‘X’ in ‘CustomerX’ has a double meaning:

1) X as in ‘eXperience’ (which refers to ‘Customer Experience’).

2) The variable X that stands for ‘any customer’ (as in we work with all clients that have, or intend to have, designated customer service staff to address customer requests and inquiries).

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